We are building bridges

FlipSideFitness - home of Gymnastics & Fitness with CoachZoli & Yvette.
Join our little FlipSide family and be part of something big!
Our Gym is the place to be, somewhere you can have fun, gain confidence, make new Friends, learn new Skills and even Dance your troubles away but above all stay Fit! 
At Flip Side Fitness, we are focused on offering the Flip Side of Gymnastics and Fitness - 
Same but Different!
What's the difference? - We'd like to think we are different.
At FlipSideFitness there is no competition and no pressure. We believe Gymnastics is for everyone and promote the benefits of 'Alternative Fitness' through Aerial Yoga, Fit-nastics & DanceFitness.
We offer a range of classes for Children & Adults. 
Classes have limited capacity - we choose quality over quantity!  
Join the FlipSide Family - we are sure you’ll be happy training with us!